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Saturday, 28.05.2016w/  and Forlet SiresFriday, 20.05.2016w/  and Greenleafw/  and Valley of the Sunw/  and NO MUTESaturday, 19.12.2015w/  and Marant
@ Widder, Winterthur
Friday, 29.05.2015w/  and Forlet Sires
@ Kaff, Frauenfeld
Thursday, 14.05.2015w/  and New CandysSaturday, 31.01.2015w/  and Electric Sun
@ Helvti Winterthur, Winterthur
Saturday, 8.11.2014w/  and Soldat Hansw/  and 
@ Gaswerk, Winterthur
Saturday,03.05.2014w/  and Psycho Fellowshipw/  and Thank You For Smoking
@ Rümpeltum, St.Gallen SG
Saturday, 07.12.2013w/  and Das Archeaw/  and Verwaltzen
@ GGS31 (Gisi), Winterthur ZH
Friday, 19.07.2013Saturday, 22.06.2013w/  and The Dues
@ Rümpeltum, St.Gallen SG
Friday, 29.3.2013w/  and Prepaid DurumMonday, 21.01.2013Saturday, 15.12.2012w/  and Das Archeaw/  and Carrion MotherFriday, 23.11.2012Friday, 12.10.2012w/  and 
@ Club Has, Hausen am Albis ZH


 In the summer of 2004  we could finally start as a band. Instead of committing collective suicide, we decided to give birth to Kosmikrock.


Guitar Michael Turbo Holer
Bass, Vocals Orso El Bueno
Guitarspacenoise, Clarinet, Korg Volca fm and Vocals Pasquale Di Molli
Drums and Vocals: Dave O. Berschine

The members also involved in other projects:

Orso plays bass in the band Verwaltzen and Glüüth

Pasquale working under the Name Insomania Utopia  and the reality of the sweating brow

Dave plays the drum in the band Rue des Cascade and Glüüth  and is also a Member of Zwischenwelt and Euphrasia.

Bastian our old Drummer is now travelling in space



for the newest news from us please visit our facebookpage.


01.Mai 2016

we still live. we still breathing. we still writing music.


08. November 2014


We officially announce that our new baby is born. We call it KOSMIKROCK and you can download it for free on  bandcamp or listen to it on soundcloud.




YELLING AT CLOUDS Tour in November w/ Soldat Hans

10.11.2014 alte Mälzerei, Regensburg

11.11.2014 Jazz Rock Café, Cheb

12.11.2014 Pohoda Club Plzen

14.11.2014 Tiefgrund, Berlin

15.11.2014 LAS, Poznan, Polen



long time since you heard from us. But they are some news:

We just finished recording our new record, it will be a double vinyl release with 80 minutes of music and sounds.


There will be a release show together with our beloved friends, Soldat Hans and also a small (our first) tour this year.

more later, stay tuned,




Dear followers and folks out there,
we have just mastered our old record TRIP ME TENDER and now it sounds as fresh as ever. You can download it for free as usual, or if you want to you can also donate.

There is a vinyl coming this summer. Also, we prepare a new record which should be released in 2014. So we need money.

With our sincere thanks,
your Viaticum


2012 was a wild year.Much has happened.

We are currently writing new songs and hope that our new Record will be released 2014.

The first new Song is already Online. It is called FGY

See y’all in 2013.

Keep Clean and Safe.



Yes it’s done. have fun!